Monday, March 18, 2013

More helpfull information on this case and me

Here are some more of the facts regarding this case that may help you. My name is Robert Kenyon Bens the arrest date was in 1996 when I was 31 years old I am 47 was born in 1965, the minor a neighbour name was steve pain and he was 16 at the time. He did help me dig a giant hole in my back yard for 10 dollars and did observe me carting loads of my then girlfriends fathers effects into the alley way trash can, He was a world war two veteran and had just passed away, I didn't see any pornography in the junk it consisted of everything from 8 track tapes to old bowling trophy's. He got into the trash can and made ten or so trips home with boxes of the junk on his bike. There was never any question of kiddie porn or anything sensual or verbal contact that would deem as a sexual advance of any kind. Since that time I was arrested for a drug charge and did do jail time , there was no minors involved with this charge. I have been arrested for failure to Register twice both were unfounded and in my opinion harassment they were both reduced to Misdemeanour's. I received a clemency from the governor in 2005 and have it still in good standing. I petitioned pro se to the Lower court do to the clemency and if It had no legal Merritt the court would not have ruled , they did and denied me on only one ground , that there is a consequential factor within the Adam Walsh act that prevented them from removing me from the registry. I appealed to the 2nd district court of appeal and was denied Per Curam, I did request counsel from both courts and was denied each time. I have appealed to the Florida supreme court and now have a case number of S.C. - 13 - 400. I have had vandalism done to my property ( car lit on fire ) and have had a shotgun stuck in my face and was accused of being a child rapist on five acres of land in Citrus county. I sold the land at a loss in fear of my life. Since I was retroactively placed on the Sexual offender data base I have lost 99% of my friends and some family have turned there back on me. I have been rendered homeless at certain times due to being on the Sexual offender database. I have a amateur radio ( F.C.C) technician plus the Morse code endorsement and none of the fellow hams will talk with me at all, And when I even try to get on the C.B. radio People key up and spread the word that I am a rapist and child molester thus no one will talk to me other then insults and threats. I am disabled do to a diagnosis of Agoraphobia, Dyslexia , Bipolar and my back is crooked and in constant pain from a fall from the roof of a boxcar at a freight yard years ago. The drug charge was in 2002 and I have remand Felony conviction free ever since eleven years. I study Physics and study the works of Nicola Tesla and work on duplicating the work of John Hutchison ( the Hutchison effect ) I also study the work of Preston Nichols and have called on him for advice with certain aspects of radio experiments I have conducted ( he built the famous "Wall of sound" for Phil Spector and built the Abby road studios). His book "The music of Time" is available free on the Internet it goes into great detail of the many projects he has been involved with. I collect and restore antique radio equipment and collect antique Physics books. If there is anything else that you need to know please feel free to contact me on my cell phone 352-601-4807 I would be glad to answer any questions you may have. Sincerely Robert Kenyon Bens KF4NPH 4590 North Timberwood Point Crystal River Florida 34428

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