Sunday, March 17, 2013

        Hello everyone
Here is the most recent picture of me at the Bell air  ccauseway
in Pinellas county, This is the first place I fished in my life way back
in 1972 when I was seven years old. I caught a pin fish and let him
go. If any of you bloggers or blogreaders have any questions about
Computers or electronics in general feel free to call me or send me a
e mail and I would be more then glad to help you. I have a wealth of
knowledge and would love to help. I can steer you on how to beef up
your security and how to load Linux into your computer for extra protection, I know how the Apple systems work and I can help you
with any questions you may have. I am completely self taught and
love science, Physics, Photography, I have three ASE automotive  
certificates and a FCC amateur radio licence also. I enjoy Politics
and the study of paranormal, UFOs, and would love to meet some
nice people via this blog while I am struggling with writing my legal
brief for my supreme court case and preparing my verbal argument
that I must make to the supreme court. If you know anything regarding
Law I would love to have any input that could help me, this is a simple
case but the court system is quite complex to deter the common guy
from representing himself. As you can read my story I have done all
this law by myself and now I am in the Florida Supreme Court.
And it has not been easy. Or if you just need someone to talk to
or have any suggestions on how you would go about doing this I
would love to hear from you. My cell phone number is 352-601-4807
and I have more free time then I know what to do with.
Feel free to call any time I am usually up all night listening to the
Short wave radio stations from overseas due to the fact that here
in the U.S.A. all the news is controlled by the government and they
are not very honest and leave out 90% of the truth. Sad to say.
Google "Project Mockingbird" and see for yourself. Looking
forward to helping anyone and vice versa. Call me :) 
Your Friend Robert
Thank You for reading my blog.
The next chapter I will cover this new Law H.R 3523 C.I.S.P.A
and fill you in on the aspects of how this effects anyone who
has downloaded a copyrighted torrent file.
Posted Sunday Morning March 17 2013 2:23 AM                

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